peopleTasmania‘s population of 470,000 is divided almost equally between the north and the south of the State. Most Tasmanians live in coastal cities and towns, and farming districts in the midlands. About 40 per cent of Tasmanians live in and around Hobart in the south (pop 190,000).

The population pattern has resulted from geographical, historical and commercial factors which have led to the development of a number of relatively large centres along the island’s coastline. In the north of the State, regional cities serve as centres for the agricultural and industrial activities typical of the region and include Launceston (pop 95,000), Devonport (pop 26,000) and Burnie (pop 21,000).

people2Australia is a multicultural country, and the Tasmanian population reflects this diversity. The original inhabitants were the Aborigines. From the first European settlement by the English in 1788 until this century, those who came here were predominantly from England and Ireland. This century, Australia has accepted migrants and refugees from many different countries, so that now there are a great variety of peoples in Australia. These people range from European to Asian, Middle Eastern and South American.