climateThe Tasmanian climate is classified as maritime temperate, which means extreme weather conditions are rare. In summer the average maximum temperatures across the State range between 20 degrees and 24 degrees Celsius; in winter the minimum temperature is rarely below zero. The State’s prevailing westerly winds the Roaring Forties blow in off the Southern Ocean, providing reliable rainfall throughout the year.

There are four seasons in southern Australia. Summer is from December to February, autumn from March to May, winter from June to August, and spring from September to November. When much of the Northern Hemisphere is under snow, Tasmania, on latitude 40 degrees south, is enjoying mild summer days, cool nights, and more than 15 hours of daylight each day.

climate2Winter daylight is much shorter than in summer and all year round daylight comes and goes more gradually than in the tropics. We call this period of half-light “twilight”.
Hobart, in the south of the State, is nearer the equator than Madrid and its winter is warmer than any European capital. In fact, it has a perfect temperate climate, coupled with the second lowest rainfall for an Australian capital city.

Tasmania generally enjoys a temperate, comfortable climate and plenty of sunshine.